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We are best church app builder. DIY Mobile App for Your Church: Easier than you think. Code-free app creation for busy congregations.


Our app allows churches to stay in touch with its members from one central location to make announcements, share prayer requests, and more!


Our app keeps you connected with the church community throughout the week to help you grow in your walk.


The MyChurch App builder gives young people an opportunity to grow in their faith, connect with their church, and have fun along the way.


Keep Your Flock Informed with My Church App Builder

My church app builder lets your church connect with its congregation on the other six days of the week. It’s an easy-to-use mobile app maker that connects the lives of the people in your community.

Keeping your flock on the path and connected to God, the church, and each other isn’t easy. Busy lives mean less time for fellowship. A mobile app can provide the outreach to bring God’s word, and God’s love into the families you serve every day.

Creating a Custom App for Your Church Is Quick And Easy

Post service times and important events in a shared calendar, create a gallery of photos, and stream or record your sermons to those who can’t attend. The apps you create will run on iPhone, Android and HTML5 web-enabled smartphones, and require no programming or technical expertise. Our drag-and-drop tool uses contextual help, tool tips, and instructional videos to help you every step of the way. You can browse our other apps for inspiration, and we’re always available by email if you need any extra help.

Affordable, Flexible, and Fully-Customizable

The possibilities for your church’s mobile app are only limited by your imagination. With a few clicks, you could provide your congregation with a searchable, annotated copy of the Bible. You could send a daily motivational verse as a push notification. You could provide an index of past sermons available to download in audio or video format. You could link the church’s social media accounts, and stream your tweets, photos, and wall messages. You could provide a simple information/contact page with sermon/Sunday school times, directions, upcoming activities, and a current prayer list.

Church App Builder Features

Features you'll love

Push Notifications
Want to get high read rates for all your church messages? My church app builder has push notifications to equal serious engagement.
My church app builder allows your church to accept tithes, offerings, and donations through the app with your current online giving platform.
Past Sermons Video
Allow your members to never miss another sermon by giving them access to all the past sermons on their Smartphone or tablet.
Let everyone know about church events going on throughout the week. Allow your members to instantly add events to their calendars.
Small Group
No more confusion about where or when small group is meeting, what to bring, or what the series is about. This function is controlled by the small group leaders, and will allow the group to stay connected all week long.
Prayer Bulletin Board
Create a conversation enabling your congregation to support one another. This my app church builder function allows the possibility to support and stay updated on members of the church from wherever you go.

See it in action

Technology is being welcomed in every area of life. We find that creating an app for a ministry can bring the entire ministry closer together and engage all members. It makes it feel like you never left on Sunday by having quick access to everything at the church. We feel that every church or ministry should have an app to connect their members. We just don’t think you should have to pay $10,000 for it! Sign up today! We create our prices based on the size of your ministry. We like to think that we make it affordable for every church that wants an app! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to engage your congregation. Unrivaled phone & email support to set up your app and troubleshoot and problems you have when using our app. Also our FAQ section in the Dashboard lists tutorials and answers to most common problems. My Church App, an affordable mobile app builder for your ministry! Sign up for our FREE Trial here!